GFUI Request: simple drawing tools right in GFUI


It would be great to be able to make simple rectangles, circles, lines, text and multi point paths right in the GFUI.

For example, being able to draw and then cut a simple line, would keep me from having to take the material over to my band saw.

Later improvements could include more complex drawing and text tools. Thanks.


I keep a few files like that, one of which is a simple ‘cut line’. Given the ability to resize and rotate right in the user interface, I frequently use it to trim materials by loading it with the ‘Add Artwork’ option.
@dwardio offered a file in free laser designs I think that has several shapes in it. A line, a square and circle etc. You just load it and use the shape you need, and highlight and delete the others.

Being able to delete aspects of a design is really handy. If all of the round tokens wouldn’t fit on the material I just highlight however many I want and delete them.


This has been requested several times and is in the infamous “hopper” for addressing after they get everything originally promised to work.


I do too, Circles, square, rectangles…


At least now you can upload a vector file with a cut outline easy enough in the layout space. It isn’t saved but easy enough to keep some primitives available.


yep, a basic line does wonders to trim some planks to size in combination with the passthrough slot


Thanks for all the suggestions! I’ll share them with the team.