GFUI uses color for layers and selection. Accessible for colorblind?


Using color for layers in your svg - have any users who have difficulty seeing color had issues?

I have found the GFUI selection of the layers (or colors actually) in my SVG as the magenta and teal a bit difficult to discern at times.

Has anyone done a UI / Universal Design / Accessibility review to make sure these are the best colors to use?


colorblind here and it’s really hard for me too.

good UX practice says “don’t use colors that 5-10 percent of the world can’t distinguish apart”…


The currently selected item should use a crawl effect or something like that, to make it super obvious without relying on color.


Even those of us who see color have difficulty with the grey shaded non printing entities.


I have a moderate red/green deficiency. I don’t have any problems with Inkscape. I just use high contrast colors and layers to keep everything straight. Also, I can always use the eye dropper tool as a crutch if need be. I may not be able to see the difference between some colors, but I can read RGBA hex codes just fine.

The colors used in the GFUI are luckily outside of my confusion zones, but I do find the lack of value separation bothersome. It reminds me of when Solidworks switched over from color icons to icons that were all just shades of blue and gray.


Thanks for asking this question. I’m colorblind too and have been wondering about this.