Ghosted on shipping date by gf

Yesterday was my shipping date. No email no replies to my emails just the robot. Iv been super patient with the whole wait thing now that the date has passed and iv been ghosted with no update no hey sorry were behind nothing iv been following on my gl pages others have got emails saying here some credits on us for material’s because were late sorry about that. I didnt revieve anything concerned somthing might be wrong and it needs to be pressed. Whats going on with my order glowforge?

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My order is also delayed and I was assured two weeks ago that it would absolutely arrive on time. However, I’ve been trying for a week to get an update on when it will ship and I still have not received a reply. I’ve sent emails, chatted online and contacted them on social media with no resolution. So here I am, entering the 5th week since ordering, with still no update on when I will receive my order (basic model). Incredibly disappointing. I also did NOT receive the email that others received about the delay with the $50 credit.

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Iv never had this happen is there a way to cancel the order this is just a headache and a half and to hear this is another red flag. No support is wrong and left in the dark is even worse because they have your money and just blowing you off like this is wrong. Ohh i had to edit this because someone got offended i said a bad word. Got a quick reply from staff on that one.

Post on their Facebook page, some people are getting answers there.

The only way to get a response to is to post on their fb page or IG page. However, watch out, they will pretend to be working on the issue and nothing’s changed. My GG will be almost two weeks behind schedule when it gets here. They created a label as of last friday and I was told it was ‘shipped.’ I called FedEx to confirm that it’s not in transit and my FedEx manager delivery system just hasn’t been updated and I was correct. The GF never made it into their possession until Tuesday night at 8:30pm. I have a complaint going on their FB page under Stefanie Benke where to can read my story and the responses I’m getting. If their trying to make this a long haul product, they should invest in some real customer service. Delays happen, I get that, especially with a new hot product like this. However, ignoring and lying to their customers is not appropriate. A $50 credit is a slap in the face, even more since I never even recieved one. I hope you get your soon. Good luck!

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It looks like they are deleting complaints on their Facebook Page. :frowning:

Yup the work hard on that dont they

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Same here…they’ve had my money over a month now and I have nothing… no Glowforge, no shipping date, no responses to numerous emails, nothing…I’m beginning to think I have made a huge mistake going with this company and their business practices seem to be shady af. I don’t just have thousands of dollars that I can afford to lose on this…shame on you Glowforge for your pathetic customer service. At this point, I just want my money back and to be done with this, it’s ridiculous.

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I recently purchased my GF September 6th and received it October 10th my original date was October 5th. I originally sent an email to customer service about 2 weeks after ordering trying to obtain tracking number. Email again at three weeks as instructed by customer service. Anyways long story short I never received a tracking number and my delivery date came and went. Customer service did respond to my emails and my frustration. I know the wait is terrible and long… But I can assure once you receive your GF the wait will be well worth it. I would definitely reach out via email to customer service and see if they are able to give you any kind of updates and or credit. I truly don’t think it’s there intention to make people wait for longer periods of time at all. The entire Glowforge team and community has been extremely kind and helpful through this processes. I am normally extremely critical on customer service especially things that directly effect my clients.


I have emailed them. They have been silent for 5 days now with zero updates. I even emailed the CEO with no response and/or update. My emails are being blatantly ignored.
Update–I emailed to have my order cancelled also.

I’ve sent numerous emails and they’ve been ignored. I just requested a refund, as much as I would love to have this machine, all of this has made me really nervous. If they would just reach out with some response instead of leaving us in the dark, that would make all the difference, but blatantly ignoring your customers is not a good look.


I think they went a week and then emailed me after mine arrived. I don’t blame you for being upset. They aren’t cheap and the lack of communication is frustrating. I can really only speak to my experience. I checked my emails to see if any of them had a different email then just the generic support one to send to you but they don’t… I’m sorry I hope you get it and get to enjoy it! It really is amazing.

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You can check your target date, (which can be accessed by each individual in their personal Purchase History at ). It’s the best estimate until Glowforge gets word that a certain type of machine is ready to ship. Glowforge will send you an email directly when it ships.

If you want to know where it is exactly, sign up for UPS MyChoice in advance of the shipping.

(The target dates are not set in stone, they are fluid depending on which machines are currently in production.)

Im past the target date by 2 days and no email saying anything new.

Thank you jewels for trying to help me out though. I really appriciate it!

If your target date is recently past, they might very well be getting ready to ship it, so everybody needs to take a deep breath. And get your location ready if you haven’t already set it up. :slightly_smiling_face:

If the target date on your account passes without updating…it usually means your turn is coming up pretty darned fast because you’re next in line and they are processing it, testing it, cleaning it after testing, packaging it for shipment, and that can take a little time.

The units ship directly out from the manufacturer, and they notify Glowforge when it ships, then Glowforge is going to notify you. But until then, Glowforge doesn’t have the information, they have a batch notification, and they won’t contact you until they know for sure that your unit shipped…they don’t want to get your hopes up if something delays it again. (It’s their policy, no one likes it, but stick it out and watch for the email, especially if your target date is getting close or recently passed by a few days. )

If you haven’t done it yet PLEASE sign up for UPS MyChoice, because Glowforge can’t track it once it ships either. It’s coming directly from the manufacturer.

If you see the target date shift in your account, you can stand back down for a bit, it means there might have been a slight delay at the assembly plant.

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I think they are all coming via FedEx now, aren’t they?

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I think new units come via UPS (the Flex facility). The repair and filter facilities might use FedEx. (Flex might use FedEx as backup…I’ve seen that happen a time or two when things got busy.)

So yeah, sign up for FedEx too.

I feel like I’m experiencing the same issues @calembarreto1990

No email updates, three days for responses from their team - so unsure of what is happening and where my hard earned money is gone!

I just want some update system on my user account that I can follow so I can crazily look at it every five minutes in the comfort of my own home and not have to bother anyone with emails back and forth! The waiting is killing me! :upside_down_face:


I agree. I was really frustrated yesterday probably wrote some bad negative things. The basic is in high demands and i know they are a smaller company thelat boomed. There was good points on the threat some i didnt go as far as to think them. 3 days no answer no update i just want an update and kept in the loop really. Sorry about getting frustrated and bringing bad energy to the table everyone. But glowforge an email rhe day of shipping that its not going to make it would be greatly appriciated.