Gift maps, Dice Box, Luggage Tags, Father's Day test

Grandchildren needed luggage tags for a trip to Disney. (Removed the address and phone number).

Daughter-in-law asked if I could engrave a hammer. Grabbed my husband’s for the test. A little deep. Oops! My first really thick item.

Made this dicebox in Draftboard previously for my son-in-law to make sure it was what he wanted. Upgrade to Proofgrade Walnut Plywood … he loved it!

Daughter-in-law’s cousin getting married Saturday. The couple met at college. This is part of their wedding gift.

My daughter-in-law wanted to gift her father with a map of his area. @jbmanning5 … thank you again for the keyhole hanger! Looks crooked in the photo … but, it’s straight! Used this on both maps.


Nice work! :sunglasses:
(He won’t be able to deny there is a better grip on that hammer)


That is for sure! Of course … that’s where I grip it!

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You’ve been sitting on all your cool projects! :smile:
(Might have to borrow that “It’s Hammer Time!” for my hammers…then I’ll be able to easily separate them out from my DH’s tool box when I need them.)


I lightly score the underlying piece with the shape of the underlying keyhole piece. Makes it easy to line up.


Stunning work, especially the maps!


Can you give a little insight into the process for the maps? From a PNG? HD Engraves? Are the maps cherry ply?

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I barely squeeze in a project here and there. Last night I realized I hadn’t posted some. I like the hammer … mine doesn’t have a wood handle … or I would done it on there.

That is an awesome idea. Not to mention might be nice to do a light engrave to make glue time easier. It’s harder to sand when it’s not at the edge.

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When posting them all at once, you tend to skip those details.

I used My Google Maps.
You type in the address and then if you don’t want the little pointer you can turn it off on the left side. Zoom in or out … when you click on the three dots at the right, you can choose print. This gives you a much better quality print than a screen clip.

You can choose the paper size, portrait or landscape, and then either pdf or image. It gives you a jpg. I pulled it into other software to crop the exact clip I wanted.

Think I could have used SD on this quality of map. I used HD proofgrade … and then switched it to manual for 600 / Full / 340 lpi.

Oh … and it was on Proofgrade Medium Maple Plywood.


Cool that you followed through with the font on the luggage tags too!

A great array of projects, you’ve been busy :slight_smile:

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Gosh, what a great bunch of projects! I like that you used the Disney font on the Disney items (I’ve got that one too).

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Man, that dice box is incredible! What a great choice for an image!
The hammer’s hilarious. I’m going to have to do that. But I’ll use… the best Captain Hammer quote. :slight_smile:


Sorry on more detail - did you use trace in the GFUI or did you trace the jpeg/pdf in inkscape? Thanks for the other details!

Actually, I cropped the jpg to the size I wanted in my photo software.

Created a score box to go around it in my Silhouette Designer software (use Inkscape, Illustrator, whatever). Then also added the text and a outer cut to my svg.

Load your svg file into the GFUI … and bring in the jpeg to fill the score box. You can zoom in to check.


It matches a table cover I made for my son-in-law and daughter a few years ago. Turned the embroidery design into a picture for engraving. Knew he liked that particular dragon!


Did you find it difficult to modify the embroidery pattern for use in the Glowie? (Never tried using an embroidery machine, but I hear they are “expert level” devices.)

Actually, in the software you can right click and choose to make it a photo. So, I didn’t really do anything. My favorite way to work something out!

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Chuckle! Even I could handle that! :smile:
(Bet that software ain’t cheap though.)

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My last update on software was only $900 (last time I’m updating … they just can’t make it do anything more!) I’ve paid $2300, as the highest. This is my 7th and final version. I did get one version free when I gave them $11K for a new machine.

Also, bought the design that I did the dragon with. So, within the computer folder, you can right click to get the software shortcut to convert to a photo. I’ve only used this to send people a photo to show them something. Until this time.

Embroidery is a very expensive hobby. I should do it even more than Glowforging … because I have everything. Everything but time. LOL