Gift of Good Measure askew and not cutting

I did a deep cleaning on my 'Forge. I cleaned all the lenses, including the one under the top of the head. I pulled it off the exhaust hose and meticulously removed a bunch of dust/soot/sap from the back. (Thought for product improvement, I super wish that was a more customer friendly maintenance… it obviously needs to be cleaned on a regular basis). Used the canned air to get to parts I couldn’t reach very well… visual inspection seemed to indicate all the loose matter was out and I could see a metal grate again, the fan blade moves easily with a q-tip.

Everything back together and in place, ran it for a minute with no hose to make sure the fan really did move smoothly.

As recommended, I ran the gift of good measure as a check (and I have video, though not sure how to share it)…

The first one ran askew… the metric measurements were off, it seemed confused if it was using imperial or metric measures at the bottom as well… it half printed some fractions where there were none. See photo attached.

I came back, took screen shots, ran a second gift of good measure. This one printed just fine. That’s good.

I went to take them out, and neither one cut all the way through.

Prints were run about 1:23 PM and 1:31 PM Pacific on 12/22.


That is really strange. To me it looks like the head bumped into something in the middle of the run. That kind of thing can happen if there is something sticking up high enough for it to bump into, or if your material is not completely on the honeycomb tray (can’t be on the ledge part). What I would do is turn it off, make sure your material is completely on the honeycomb, turn it back on and try the Gift of a Good Measure again.

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Definitely nothing it bumped into… the board was all the way flat. It doesn’t appear to hiccup or jump/bump in the video. The second gift printed well… except neither of them cut all the way through.

So, it’s Christmas, and I figure that most of support has gone home for the holidays, but I still have gifts I’m working on… So I have to plow ahead… I get multiple prints in with no issues… then suddenly misalignment… what should have been a very simple cut has ruined half a sheet of basswood.

This was printed somewhere between 4-5:30 Pacific on 12/23… I can’t run the test print till tomorrow morning (Christmas light lookiloos are up and down the street and even in my yard … we live on ‘that’ street)

Stay away from the front right side of the bed for now and it will probably work ok for you.


What @jbmanning5 said ^^^. My first GF started doing that, and they had to replace it, but in the interim I was able to continue using it as long as I avoided placing anything in the rightmost few inches.

That is unfortunately making sense… it’s not cutting through all the way on the right side, and the issue with the gift of measure was on the right side… … Running another measure now before reprinting the box pieces…

Just printed GoGM a moment ago… getting the off center right side issue again, though it did print all the way through.

Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.