Gift of Good Measure Not cutting all the way through

This one of the first 2 prints using Gift of good measure isn’t cutting through. Due to some circumstances I had this glowforge since Last April but haven’t started using it til recently. Is there some sort of maintenance I need to do on it? I’ve messaged support also hoping for some help. There was a small minute scratch on the yellow window when I received it, could that be causing it? IMG_1425|375x500

There is this wierd sticker on the proofgrade material, are we supposed to peel it first?

So I read around the community and found that “cleaning the lens” with the supplied wipes will make a world of difference, and looks like the new cut was perfect except some small spots I had to push to break off the wood. @jae it’s been awhile and again thank you for your help in the past also, the yellow window on the side of the lens assembly still has that small scratch. I don’t know if it will cause issues later, but is it possible to just get it replaced now for peace of mind? I sent a message to support, but while re-reading all the things we were talking about, you mentioned noting it on my account. What should I do? =D

The center of the window is where most of the action is and an amazingly small amount of crud there can make a huge difference
like so

Center looks spotless. I was worried about the side thing. I can’t really show the whole scratch it runs from the edge all the way almost to the middle, What you see is just a glare as I use the sun as a light source.

Based on the height measurements detected during the two Gift of Good Measure prints I saw, it looks like the crumb tray might not have been sitting in the dimples correctly, or the material wasn’t laying flat on that first print that did not cut through.

But it looks like the second Gift of Good Measure print had better cut through.

Have you had any other cut through trouble since?

I cleaned the optics with the zweiss cleaning wipes and it cut through no problem. I’ll test more cuts soon thank you. But about the yellow window on the side it literally came scratched. How do I’ve that replaced?

PS I also ran calibration, camera measure thing.

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Thank you for working through those steps. I’m glad to hear that cleaning your optical components helped with the cut through trouble you were experiencing, and your more recent prints have been successful!

Based on the images you provided, the Printer Head Window does not appear to be causing the cut through trouble you ran into, but if you would prefer, you can purchase a new Printer Head Window from our shop here.

I’ll keep this thread open until we’ve heard back regarding your additional prints.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.