Gift of Good Measure - SVG file to modify

I’d like to update the GoGM design, to insert client logos and modify it a bit:
does anybody have the original SVG file?
It could represent a nice gift to prove people the ease to create a quick gift…

Many thanks in advance

Glowforge provided the file. All Glowforge owners have access to the file. Modifying the file for commercial purposes would be subject to the same rules as the other designs Glowforge sells or gives away.


The original SVG file is not available to anyone. It was a project provided to us as a completed design on our home pages in a non-editable format.

It doesn’t seem to be available as a standalone file in the catalog and the project has the option to be deleted from our home page. So not sure how you can get it back if you have deleted it. Maybe contact Support?

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Thanks for the answer.
No idea to sell it, but to promote the Glowforge capabilities for our rapid prototyping projects in one to one meetings.
I do not see - however - where the source file (SVG?) is provided…

Once more: it isn’t.

Discussions of ways to subvert GF’s copy protection on their designs will get you in trouble with them. People have been banned in the past for doing so.

You should be able to add things to the design by dragging into the interface I believe, but you are not allowed to download the original svg and modify it.


As well as use the Add Artwork button in the GUI.

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