Gifts for our aunt


My wife went to visit her aunt several months ago and found that she had saved some of her favorite bible passages (in Chinese) from a calendar so she could read them every night before she goes to sleep.


We’re going to be visiting her again next week so we decided to make them a bit nicer for her. The words in one were a bit blurry, so it required a bit of photoshop editing but hopefully she’ll like her present. :slight_smile:



Oh, I’ll bet she does, that’s a lovely idea for a gift! :grinning:


That is a truly thoughtful gift.


Better bring tissues…I’m a bit weepy just thinking about how she’ll love how thoughtful you are!!! :heart_eyes:


What a considerate Nephew in law you are! They look great!


A wonderful gift … the Glowforge allows us to make “perfect gifts”.


A one of a kind and eminently appropriate gift!