Give a heart, spark an idea: 2/6/19 Latest Improvements



Almost makes me wish I could go through the wedding again…there would be much cooler things this time around. :smile:


I wish I could use my machine for food. Macroons looked great!


You can! Just don’t eat 'em. :wink:


Hmmm, does the video show something new coming soon?


Nice catch. Very interesting Icon.


Cool free designs…and they sparked an idea! Got to playing around with them last night and threw together a little hedgie style Easter Egg for those who actually read the announcements. :smile:


Hedgie (30.5 KB)


Thanks Jules! They are adorable.


Love the hedgie hearts!


Chuckle! They have a subliminal message. :smile:


Old school snl. A bit adult. Also, topically, it was just the first one to pop up. Some things never change.


Can’t get it to play…so i have to go find it on YouTube. BRB. :smile:
Oh that’s a hoot! I saw one on The View.


Good Night! need a title to search as I won’t use flash anymore. Thanks!


“Mr subliminal snl” ought to be good enough.