Glass Engraving Help!

I tried my first glass engraving tonight. It seemed to be going great at first. But about 10 minutes into the engrave… I noticed that the design or plate shifted. What started out in the center (or as close to center as I can get) moved over to the right.

Any pointers on how to stop the plate from moving during the cut?

This can happen if you don’t manually focus before placing your image on the material.

Sounds like part of it was up too high and the air assist hit it.


Or that.


Did you use the set focus tool in the center of the plate? If so, and it was successful, then maybe the dish was not too tall. If you didn’t successfully use the set focus tool, then I agree with @geek2nurse that the fan hood probably struck the dish after engraving ok for a bit. If the dish is not too tall, you can hold it in place any number of ways - museum wax on the bottom, for instance.

Thank you all for your help. I did not set the height of the material. I think the Pyrex plate is about 2 inches tall and I did not put that in as my material height. I also did not click “set focus” before engraving.