Glass Lid Detachment Imminent

I have looked through some of the community posts about this, but am between categories for this issue. My lid has not come off completely yet, detaching partially from the rear right hinge. Many of these posts discuss what to do with a clean break of the adhesive, but the few discussing a partial detachment are right after receipt of their new unit. I don’t want to do damage to the unit by trying to detach it enough to clean and reglue sufficiently, but haven’t found any walkthroughs of how not to.

My unit has been in a pretty thermally stable environment - always air conditioned in Florida, so there aren’t the temperature swings as severe as many debating the source of this issue have discussed. It seems like there’s just a basic design vs. physics issue in terms of having a materials break on top of a tensioned hinge.

I would contact the manufacturer for a replacement.

Oh wait, I think I misread your post. Your machine is not new? Is it in warranty? I would still contact support.

YMMV, but I wouldn’t be trying to fix that at home. As you noted, there are a lot of forces on that hinge.

They want $1125 to ship me a refurb. Have to confirm it’s of the same kind and not one of the basic ones, among other things to fully consider, but should also figure out what’s involved repairing it myself in terms of risks and work involved to make an informed decision.

Also have to evaluate how likely it is the refurb would have the same issue.

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