Glass Lid Shattered

My glass lid has shattered. Nothing was on it or near it and it was not is use at the time. Any ideas on how to get replacement glass? I am in the UK

Welcome to the community. I’m really sorry to hear that your first post is such bad news. I’m pretty sure you can’t buy a replacement lid. I suggest you contact support and see if they have any solution that might help. Best of luck.


That is the hard side of tempered glass. By being heated to near soft and then very quickly cooled, the stresses created are huge, but balanced and it takes more than those forces to break it. There is an Achillies heel however that if the forces get unbalanced it explodes into a million pieces. With Glowforge the only cases I have heard of was having a fire in the work area unbalancing the forces, but if something harder than the Glass, perhaps a faceted stone ring, or piece of porcelain scratches it , it can explode at any time. I have seen just a wisp of air make the difference and the piece explodes.

As tempered glass cannot be cut to size you might look carefully on that side of the pond for exactly that size or if it could be tempered after making it to size, or alternatively someone there willing to sell a Glowforge with some other thing wrong with it as all the large machines will have the same lid.


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