I was poking around the internet today instead of working, and found this great idea for a camera slider. I would like to make one on the GF, as it looks easy enough, but not sure how stable I could make it with laserable materials…


seems like as long as your tripod is heavy enough to handle the off-center weights, it should be fine.


I think a lasercut one is an option. With multiple layer cut glued together, I think pieces should be enough strong for camera weight.

For photo/video projects, I also bookmark this steadycam lasercut. .


I wonder if you could use acetal/Delrin for that, not sure if layers can be glued together, but it’s known for its engineering properties. Maybe mechanical fastening the layers would work fine, the interior layers could be hollow to save weight.

Woods usually get overlooked for their properties as well.

Might be fun to experiment with laminating cardboard. I’ve received some heavy items shipped in thick (1"+) laminated cardboard that were amazingly strong. Not sure about the hardware attachment points on this piece though, they might produce a lot of localized stresses.