Gloomhaven organiser designed from scratch

Hey all,

long time lurker, first time poster.

One of many items I’ve made is an organiser for Gloomhaven that I’m immensely proud of, you can see it in action on my youtube channel, just wanted to show it off to fellow laserheads!


Please add a photo or two.


Welcome to the forum. Very nice practical cut.

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I’m not a player but it looks like you’ve done a great job organizing all those bits. Nice decoration too!

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+1 to adding a photo – but just one or two! My Internet connection is crappy out here in the sticks, so having to load a video or 27 photos before I can see a project someone has posted makes me sad, because I don’t like waiting that long…and even when I’m willing to wait, sometimes it just flat refuses to finish! :frowning:


excellent job. GH has such a monster collection of different parts, that is well done

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I seriously thought twice of buying and learning the game to have a reason to make a organizer as awesome as yours!


Thanks guys, I’ll definitely add a couple of photos, practical reasoning for their need! I’ll need to take a few and post them ASAP.


Are you selling the files? I just at bought the game for my family and would love to organize…

A friend of mine has put some images up on his Insta, link above.

I’ve copied the small images here for those that don’t Insta.

@eflyguy @geek2nurse A little late with the pictures, sorry :smiley:


Hey, @camdograger I can put a link up on my website for you to purchase the files for personal use.
I’ll let you know once it’s done.

Sweet! Can’t wait :smiley: (oh, and let me know where your website is).

Thank you!

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I have no idea what Gloomhaven is, but that’s sharp as heck. Nice work!

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It is a massive, massive RPG table top game lol

Just out of curiosity did you ever get around to making these files purchasable? I just purchased the game and love this organizer.

Hi Laughing Moon,

I did put them up, you can view the item here:

If you’ve any questions just drop me an email


Awesome! I’ll pick that up in a couple days when I get paid. Thanks!
Just to clarify, though I’m assuming they are, these files are :glowforge: friendly right and won’t require me to do any sort of rearranging to fit my bed?

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Finally got around to printing it and i love it! No more do i need to shuffle through endless baggies of cardboard punchouts! Thank you @Llordflashheart !


Love it! :blue_heart: Delighted you’re happy.
Enjoy your games, I need to get back into my campaign!!

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