Glossy QR label on Proofgrade means sometimes GF can't identify it

Ran into this last night, I apparently had my sheet of proofgrade in juuuust the right spot to catch glare from the LEDs, and GF couldn’t recognize the QR code. Moving the sheet an inch solved the problem, but perhaps that label should be printed with a matte surface to prevent this happening?


Yeah… I notified Support of that the day I got mine. They keep saying they’re switching away from labels to UV printing across the entire sheet, but that has yet to be seen.

Meanwhile, might be a good idea to add support to others’ findings by also informing Support of your issue.

As far as I’m concerned, notifying Support for every issue we find is useful information for them AND for us. :slight_smile:


Same here. Some materials, not others, Some placements, not others. As long as I can read the label, I’m OK entering by hand for now, but yeah.

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I’ve moved mine all over the place and no joy. I have another shipment coming tomorrow so will see if any are different

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yeah, the originals were much less glossy and always worked, and the suddenly switched to glossy and they almost never work.


Caught up with the team about this today. We switched to glossy because folks had smudged labels. We’ve found some examples we can reproduce of the glare so the team’s working on it now.


Glad to hear it. I hope not at the expense of things like double-sided engrave.


The problem seems to go away when there’s more light in the room the GF is in, glare most likely occurs when the GF LEDs are the only light source. So if this is a problem for you, try turning on the lights :slight_smile: