Glow bug?

Found this critter inside my GF today. Can’t say it hasn’t been there all the while but just noticed it today when the gantry was near the front.
Maybe it came in through the outside vent?
Seems like I saw another post where someone else had an infestation of Glow bugs.
It isn’t moving so I guess the internal bug zapper got it.
Glow bug
The question is, should I give it a proper burial or should I try to revive it and put it back where it belongs?


I think it goes with the red shipping things. (You can save it with the red bits in case you need to ship it back for some reason.) :smile:


It that a hose clamp or oring? Hope it doesn’t start flooding there. :slight_smile:

it is a little rubber washer that should be on the red handled screw knob that holds the gantry in place during shipping. One of mine stuck to the side when I unscrewed the knob and if I hadn’t noticed it, it would probably be in the same place as yours. :slight_smile:


Thanks. That is what it is. I revived it and sent it to its new home with the other shipping parts.


I was thinking “that’s not a bug?” until you clarified.
I actually have seen a stink bug crawling around in my GF before, they’re insidious in our neighborhood. I was just happy he didn’t get in the way of the beam.

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Tattooed stink bug?

Definitely part of the shipping locks.



I’m sorry for any confusion! Thanks for the answers, @joker and @dwardio, that’s right. Since you’re good to go, I’m going to close this thread. Thanks for letting us know about this!