Glow forge Aura Acrylic

I am new here. I just got my Glowforge Aura a few days ago. I am wanting to buy acrylic for this machine to cut. I do not want to buy it from glowforge as it is a $25.00 shipping for one piece of acrylic. Where can I get it other than the glowforge store? For the Aura.
Thank you.

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Welcome to the community! There’s so much good info here :slight_smile:

Luckily acrylic is acrylic. You want to look for cast rather than extruded of you’re planning on doing any engraving. For cuts they both work.

Diode lasers can’t cut clear or certain blues, so stay away from those.

Beyond that, go hog wild :slight_smile:

My personal favourite is GS2 Awards.


If you just need one piece, check your local Michaels stores. They sometimes carry proofgrade. You can use coupons.


Also worth paying attention to when you shop around: Glowforge “Eco” acrylic is thinner - 1/16" - than what I think of as the standard “laser cutter acrylic”, which is typically 1/8". While the Aura is capable of cutting 1/8", it will take even more passes.


Really? Michael’s takes coupons for Proofgrade? I thought Glowforge stuff was excluded (Along with Cricut, etc).

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Hmm. Maybe I got lucky?


I think it’s somewhat random, or it’s the “per order” coupons and not the “per item”. It does seem to depend on the store.


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