Glow Forge covered in tears

I received my Glow Forge and the box was in perfect condition! Had to wait to get space cleared up and when I finally got the space and the time to get the Forge out I was greeted with a soaked GF. My heart exploded at that moment as I looked through the forums and saw that the unit would more than likely have to be replaced. If this is true I have to cancel a couple of projects as I am not going to be able to meet those deadlines (luckily I have a friend that I may be able to bribe into taking the work with his GF) I did email support, am hoping that I can get this resolved soon!!

I feel for you, I went through the same thing. They are pretty good at getting replacements out so far. My replacement arrived in the UK 2 week after the first one.

Definitely a return. An aside, must assume you have laser experience or your promised projects are fairly uncomplicated. Even a hammer requires practice the first time.

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Same here, two weeks for replacement but still haven’t got the right paperwork and expect to pay duty again and reclaim from HMRC

I am in the US so that is not an issue

I have a lot of material and time to practice to make what I need to make. Also I make sure I have at least 1 week grace period. So if customer wants it done the in 1 month I plan on 3 weeks.


I’m so sorry to hear this! We’ll need to replace your Glowforge. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.