Glow Forge Filter

Hi there!

Can I use 1 filter for 2 glowforge? I’ve seen somebody that added a T and joined 2 glowforge to the filter. Is that ok ?

I use my glowforge to engrave leather and cutting boards.

Also, Is there any alternative to that filter? I am currently venting out but I had one neighbor complaining already… :unamused:

Thank you in advance!!

screw the neighbor. The filters are ridiculously expensive for the length of time they last. If you can reliably vent outside… do it.

I have a blue dry air scrubber and it’s not a problem limited to the GF filter. All such filters are very expensive and don’t last long at all. Depending on the material you can clog one up in just a few cuts/engraves.


Leather is quite possibly the stinkiest material to work with. You might plan your work with it around when people aren’t around to sniff what’s coming out of your vent, or dedicate your filter to one machine that you use for it.

Most wood is actually quite pleasant.


Yes as long as you only run one GF at a time, the filter doesn’t pull enough CFM to run multiple machines at once. Use blast gates to section off each Y leg as needed. Instead of a Y you could also use a quick hose connect - Rockler has one and you could DIY it as well.


If you can vent higher – like above your roof line, it will help the smell dissipate faster by the time it gets to nose level. And for the price of the GF filter, you could put in permanent venting that goes through your roof.


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