Glow Forge Service Disruption : 1:00 Eastern time

Both my machines are off line: and our stuck on Homing.

So much for the Super Premium Servers > UGH

Glow Forge back on line : 1:15 working again.

I’m sorry that you ran into trouble when trying to print earlier. Thank you for the update that you’re back up and printing. That’s great news!

I investigated the issue and was able to confirm that we didn’t have an issue with our servers at that time. I reviewed the logs from both of your units, and it looks like both units were experiencing trouble with their network connections.

Since you’re back up and printing, I’ll go ahead and close out this thread. If you run into the same trouble again, I recommend trying the following steps we recommend to resolve common networking issues:

  1. Turn off the computer, phone, or tablet that you’re using
  2. Turn off your Glowforge
  3. Unplug your modem
  4. Unplug your Wi-Fi access point
  5. Wait one minute, then plug everything back in and turn them back on

If that doesn’t work, we have two more suggestions that often make a big difference:

  1. Improve the signal path between your Glowforge and your Wi-Fi access point
    Wi-Fi signals need a clear path. Remove physical barriers, and move devices closer together:
  • Move your Wi-Fi access point up high and make sure it’s in an open space. Avoid locating your Wi-Fi access point on the ground, under a desk, in a cabinet, or in a corner where its signal can be blocked.
  • Relocate your Wi-Fi access point closer to your Glowforge
  • Move your Glowforge closer to your Wi-Fi access point
  • Install a Wi-Fi range extender closer to your Glowforge
  • Run an ethernet cable and install a second Wi-Fi access point next to your Glowforge
  1. Reduce electronic and Wi-Fi interference
    If your unit is near other devices that use Wi-Fi or a large number of electronics, temporarily turn off other electronics and devices in the area.

I hope this helps!