Glow forge stick in centering/scanning and won’t take photo

I am getting two errors. First that comes up is that the machine won’t take a photo. I have cleaned the machine and checked the connections per the pop up that came. I am attaching photos of the connections. Second is that it seems to be stuck in centering/scanning. I have turned the machine on and off, restarted the glowforge app, unplugged my router and even redid the connection to my Wi-Fi. Still nothing. Everything is showing that there should be a strong Wi-Fi connection. I have a customer waiting on this issue. What do I do? Everything worked perfectly until I needed to clean the fan.

Probably the next thing they will have you try is to replace the black lid cable, they tend to wear out with repeated flexing and can break the delicate wires inside.

Support will help you out with it, but I believe there’s a hefty lead time on it these days, you might want to just order one (or two) to keep on hand in case the current one breaks. You can order them in the Shop for about $20. Expect a couple of weeks delay (at a minimum) with regards to servicing your customer. (And the instructions for replacing the cable are linked at the ordering page. Read them CAREFULLY. It’s easy to damage the machine requiring a trip back for maintenance if you don’t follow the instructions exactly.)

Oh, you might want to double check the connection with the white cable that attaches to the head too.

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble @david.burt.ingram.

I see you emailed us as well and we’ve just responded over there.

To simplify our communication, I’m going to close this request so we can continue via email.