Glow forge won’t connect

So I had gotten a replacement glowforge and after doing so I ended up sick and out of the office for a very long time…. Glowforge support shut my new Gf down and demanded I send back the old one…. Ok I’m better now and you can clearly look at my login information. I was offline for a very long time. Anyway. I was told since I’m back at the office to send back the old one and they would unlock my new one. One issue now. I’ve sent the old one back picked up today and no one is responding to me emails now and I’m still locked out of my GF. So the only one that was working is in a fedex truck and the one sitting here won’t work because no one will respond to my emails. This is a bit frustrating. Please rectify this ASAP. I’ve been gone for too long and orders are backed up. And I can’t do anything right now.

Likely they will turn it on once they receive the old one.

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I’m sure you can see when someone is sent a replacement machine and doesn’t send back the old one for a long time after being asked, it might seem a little concerning from the company’s viewpoint. Can’t speak to how fast the situation will be resolved or what proof they might need.


FYI……it can be up to a day for every response. Hold tight. They’ll get you set.

And yes you read that right.

I can see that but the person I emailed back and forth with fell off with responses the moment I shipped the old one back. And I get it but they understood what happened once they looked at the log files for my login for my account. I literally fell off line for a few months. If I was trying to pull anything I would have been using my machines the whole time…. But it’s them that decided to not do what they said in the last email. Send the machine back and they would fix the new machine when I gave them the pick up confirmation number, as I provided to them two days ago.

This is day 3 now with no response.

Opening multiple support tickets just increases response time, so hang tight. They waited for your response for months, after all.


I have one support email open that is replied to since this all began. Once I explained what happened to the support person dealing with it they understood and told me they would take care of it. Once it came time to actually take care of it I get no response at all. And it’s a reply email not a new ticket.

This post in P&S is the second support ticket they’re referring to. You’ll see them close this, and then you’ll get a response via email. You’re going to need to be patient. Presumably you have a tracking number - when it shows delivered, then it may be worth responding to your original email and saying “OK, it shows delivered”.

I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and your printer is on the way back. There’s sometimes a slight delay in the printer being reactivated - this happens automatically with updates from FedEx.

I’m sorry the wait has impeded your work, but I checked again and your other printer is been reenabled. You’re all set to continue printing.

Since this issue is resolved, I’m going to close this thread.