Glowcart Action!


So after many months dare I say years :laughing: of figuring out what to put my :glowforge: on in my tiny office / laundry room. I found a wicked good deal at a Kmart closing sale.

I picked up the taller of the two as it was the only thing left but I got it for a whopping 15 bucks! I liked it because it was sturdy and was on casters. So I took the shelves off and cleaned it up. It was way too tall so I went and bought the proper tools to cut metal and chopped the bad boy down to a proper 32".
I removed the second set of brackets that were welded on and put some brackets on and murdered it out in matte black. But after leaning on one of the brackets it bent like buttah! So I upgraded to heavy duty beast mode brackets! :muscle:

I then cut two of the shelves down to 27" deep to give me some :glowforge: wiggle room. Loaded on the shelves and painted them up. Obviously with my little helper Zoe by my side (although not while painting!) then I covered the shelves with some leather looking contact paper. and Voila! the Mighty Glowcart is born! (Sorry for the grainy dusk picture)


Nice find and super job upgrading it!


Those super-brackets should do the trick. :smiley: How long did it take you to complete?


Amazing! What a good idea. :grinning:


Well you win sir.


Looks great! Congrats on a killer deal and now a great cart!!


Excellent job of turning a $15 shelf into a $500 cart!



Haha isn’t that the hardest thing to calculate when you’re having fun? All in all with paint drytime and such I would say 3-4 hours. But took me a month to actually finish it! Plus the multiple trips to the hardware store and the occasional warning my daughter to not play barefoot near the metal shavings.

Thank you! Everything I was finding was either too expensive, not deep enough, not tall/short enough, or would fall apart after being kicked. So might as well make it to my specs!

Too Kind, thanks!

Thank you! Can’t let my wife see that comment she may have me open up shop and start producing more! :laughing:


the plus side is that you’re resource limited to only making these when a local kmart closes.


Nice find! Looks great!! A lot of work, but, looks like you’ll be very happy with it!


That is a very sweet job. Nice!


Great find, and nice work on it!


Very nice!!!


Nice liked the contact paper never seen that before.