Glowforge 1 year warranty starts without even having a machine

So my original GF Pro (shipped December 17th) arrives with a shattered lid.
I had 2 choices, get a refurb unit within 10 days or wait 4+ weeks to get a new one. Although this isn’t was I was hoping for, it seems to be out of anyones control based on high volumes of ordering.

However, what bothers me is that they started my one year warranty the day the original one shipped. So now my a warranty is wasting away for something I have never used or even own at this point (I returned the broken one already). How can they do this?

The warranty should be started when the machine is registered to me during the boot up process.
Who can I contact to make this right?

Open to thoughts or opinions

By posting in this area you’ve opened a support ticket and somebody from Glowforge will get back to you in the next few days generally.

Same thing I suggested to someone else. Tell them you want a refund and when that is completed, order another one. As a brand new order, it should certainly have a full warranty. If it’s a few days off the warranty I wouldn’t worry about it… If you are waiting weeks for a replacement machine, I would not accept that without also extending the warranty accordingly.


It doesn’t make sense for the warranty to start when you first use at as there are people who leave theirs sitting in a box for ages (months or more). But I agree that it should start when you receive an intact product. That’s obviously not how it works right now, but maybe if enough people ask…


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets it. - I’m going to close this thread now, if you have any other questions or concerns just open a new thread or contact us directly at