Glowforge 2nd boot up issue solved

I am posting this because it caused me a great deal of distress.

My setup went as outlined in the manual, however the next day…
On my second power-up the GF did its welcome dance and stopped, no light on the big button, nothing on the WiFi spectrum showing a GF router. nada - nothing. :worried:

My first thought, Oh God it died! Time to load it up in the cardboard coffin and ship it back to California.

The trick is the GF does not show the light after connection to the WiFi router nor does it open it’s own router connection. It is just available on your, nor did the app show “ready” next to my GF.

Duh, you have to load something to print before anything happens!

Hope this saves your major internal organs from some stress.


Since you’re not having an issue, I moved this out of Support’s queue. Hope you don’t mind! :slight_smile:

That is going to make it harder for someone with the issue to find the answer.

I don’t think it’s appropriate to open a case, potentially wasting Support’s time working on a case, for a problem that doesn’t even exist. I mean, they have their hands full with actual problems. But I’ll certainly put it back for you.

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I agree with both of you. I can see issues that only Glowforge can help fix, but also issues that the group here can fix. I wish there was a way to put something into problems and support that didn’t trigger a ticket and is more just asking the forum. Problems and support will be the first place I look before I create a post so I would like things in there but I also don’t want to waste tech supports time reading things when they could help others better.


I didn’t know that opened a service ticket. Like everything GF live and learn.

I agree with bangert78, perhaps there should be a “help a user out” tag that won’t generate a support ticket.

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The forum’s search feature is pretty darn good. Can’t count the number of times I said “I’m going to open a ticket about this.” And then said “Wait… Let me see if this has already been covered.” And sure enough, I wasn’t pioneering new land. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s what the Tips & Tricks and Beyond The Manual sections pretty much are. It’s users helping users. Problems & Support is for users potentially needing to work with Glowforge on an issue. Sure, users can certainly help if they can, but ultimately Support is in charge of ensuring the issue has been resolved and closing the ticket.


I like this idea a lot. When I’ve had questions, I end up putting them in ‘everything else’ because there’s no dedicated place to pose questions to the community that don’t need to involve support.


I don’t think new users can post in tips and tricks.