Glowforge #3... No teal light. Wire not connected and plate not secure

After 2 months waiting, 2 failed Glowforges out of the box… my 3rd Glowforge is set up to go and no teal light. I looked inside and the unit and looks like the wire harness is not connected. It also seems there is a Silver plastic plate that should be screwed down in about 6 places just sitting on top of the circuit board. How does this leave the line not screwed down? “Build your own Glowforge.” Am I good to plug the harness into the magic button? Can I use the screws from my second one I have boxed up? Wanted to check before I do anything that voids the warranty. Something tells me I’ll need it.

I’m so horrified to see this.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re getting it sorted out there.

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