Glowforge a waste of money?

We received our glowforge and was very excited but it did not cut at all. We tried it multiple times but did not do anything. I am getting very frustrated that I am thinking of returning it and buy a better more reliable CNC engraver. I am using a PRO and I am wondering if this problem is common. Any suggestions on how to fix it…SHOULD I RETURN AND BUY A BETTER machine (obviously not Glowforge).

Welcome to the forum.
This is a community of Glowforge owners. Many have been using their Glowforge for over 3 years.

If you could be more specific about the problems you are having, someone may be able to help you. Did you try to complete the first cuts?

When you said it did not do anything, can you explain what you tried?


I’m sure there are several people who’d love to help, myself included, but we’re going to need a bit more to go on to try and provide anything substantial.


Hi there - I’m just following up to close up this thread since we’ve been in contact via chat and email at this point! Please let me know via that email if you have any questions.