Glowforge Air Filter

I’m trying to purchase just an air filter but I don’t see an option to purchase just that on its own. We didn’t have the extra money to buy one when we bought our Glowforge but want to now. I know it’s back ordered until December 2019 but I’d like to buy one… Seriously shut up and take my money! How do I buy just an air filter? It keeps defaulting to select a glowforge machine in addition when I click buy now.

Please help :slight_smile:

You should send an email to support or post in Problems & Support to open a ticket.

Moving this post to P&S won’t open up a ticket for you. The GF team may not see this post for a while under this category.

Thanks Appreciate that - will def send an email! Wasn’t sure where to post it as it wasn’t technically a problem with a product! Was a problem getting one.

I should have been more clear too: send an email or post in P&S. Don’t do both, since they will both open tickets.

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