Glowforge and CNC work together on project

image image
Corian cut on CNC. Layered walnut frame made on Glowforge. The two tools compliment each other nicely.


That is cool. Looks very sharp.

Glowforge is great for the frame. Used to use oak and cut grooves with dado. Now just make frame in layers to whatever thickness you need.

Great use of the tools available to you! Looks great!

Nice job! (How come you didn’t use the Glowie for the engraving? Is CNC faster?) :slightly_smiling_face:

Glowforge on corian would be a multi-pass project and I have not gotten comfortable with settings yet. I have used the CNC for lithophane before. With the CNC takes 2 passes a rough cut that takes of 80-90 percent of material and a finish pass for the details


Great look

Looks great!