Glowforge and Shaper together

First thing I’ve made using both the :glowforge: and the Shaper Origin.
The design is from Shaper but as usual, I changed it some.

Cut all the 1/4" parts on the :glowforge: and then did the side plates that are1/2" and have pockets with the Shaper.
It is really nice that both use SVG as their default file type. I don’t even have to decide beforehand which I am going to use!

I have no excuse for not being able to find the right abrasive for the orbital now.


Oh, that’s a nice storage solution! I see you’ve got another one out to the side for wrenches as well…handy! :grinning:

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The one to the right is for a trim router. One of my earlier works. These just keep multiplying and making the shop just a little bit more organized bit by bit.


I need to turn you loose in my office. :smile:

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Ha! and vise versa.

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Always the favorite projects to see … Organization. Nice!

Should be really handy! Since you’ve got two really high tech solutions you are not in a position of having a hammer and seeing everything as a nail.

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It has taken a lifetime for the tech to become affordable and for my to have the cash-flow but yes, it is very nice to have just what I need most of the time.
Oddly, while irreplaceable when needed, my 3d printer sees the least use.

Nothing like collaboration to get stuff done! Now you’re destined to make awesome projects.

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