Glowforge App and preview bug

I am on a bit of a box kick right now and I created a box using

When I try to print it, the app isn’t recognizing all of the cut lines.

Here is the file I am trying to cut.
Dice plans (1.0 KB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated


It looks similar to times when I have moved the figure without selecting all first, so tiny bits of the figure are left somewhere else on the screen. Those box maker designs often don’t connect the lines, you just have a load of little unconnected segments. Try reloading the design and “select all,” see if it all stays together.


Yes, Have learned caution as the first, second, third, and fourth rule of online box makers and working with their outputs.


Silly question - but how did it cut the first time? I see where it’s mirrored and a couple of the cuts not showing on your preview seem to have cut OK on the already-cut copy?

A cursory glance at the file shows that it’s probably constructed ok aside from some double-cut lines (where cuts abut).

Here is the final cut preview that I see when loading it:

FWIW, for me the preview tends to be impressionistic, i.e. not every line/pixel, but rather a cheaply scaled version that sometimes loses stuff. I go by the picture as I’m positioning things. Which may be unwise, but has almost always worked so far.


Disclaimer: Not gotten my Glowforge yet, but have had issues already while prepping some files for when it arrives. Here is my knee-jerk response to your issue.

When confronted with a smashed together file that you feel may confuse the GF UI, I would suggest to ‘select all’ in current art program, then ‘explode or ungroup’ it with whatever mechanic is available.
Then you can select each object as an individual and put some separation on them for a more definitive cut.
(not sure it would be an extended time since the GF would be doing double cuts if mushed together anyway?)

Wasted material would be insignificant and would also avoid the double cut excessive burn issues.
Try one of these formats and see if it works better for you. (10.3 KB)


I mostly ignore the “ready to cut” image as as @paulw said, it tends to be a bit impressionistic.

What this thread does show though, is that no matter how we work, we all have to learn some art program or another to some degree.

Most of my work is done in Fusion 360 or downloaded like this box and besides color coding, I have to do a lot of exploding and joining to get things where a random mouse click in the GFUI doesn’t ruin something.


I think it is the size – I have seen the same thing in the GF interface with smaller boxes designed from that very same app, but they always cut beautifully.

Right. Makercase does not have a setup as I see it to isolate parts. The parts share cutlines or are butted against each other. I usually check with Inkscape to see how a file is put together so I know how the groups and joins are. That’s why I settled on the Inkscape box extension since it has so much control over padding and other things plus many variations in sides and dividers. I do have to join corners, but it is fairly easy with select all using the edit node and then join nodes.

I’ve had this issue sometimes and realized I wasn’t selecting all the edges when I was moving things around in the gfui. In this case the parts are all joined though. It is something weird with the path prediction image.

Did you ever print it a second time? Maybe it is how the lines overlap each other.


Thanks everyone! And thanks for letting us know @scottmillersb. I’ve passed it along to the team.

In the mean time, I believe that your print will come out fine if you go ahead and print it, even though it looks like it’s missing lines on the screen. Would you let us know if it does?

Your feedback is helpful and continues to make our product even better.

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@Rita and everyone, thanks for the feedback. I will give it a try tonight.

I edited the previous one in Adobe Illustrator, but when I thickened the line, the box didn’t fit together.

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