Glowforge app Controls

Just out of curiosity is there a button to hold to pan around on the screen like inkscape. In inkscape you hold Ctrl and you can zoom in and out with mouse scroll and hold shift and it pans side to side with the scroll. My question is there a button to press in the Glowforge app to pan side to side other than the hand tool on the top?


Funny, I was observing this earlier this evening while trying to work out another key combination .

Does shift work in the app? If it does what OS are you using because it doesn’t work for me

Alex Alldredge

I initially miss read the OP but still got it simi right by accident, at least it works in windows and Chrome browser. You just need shift and mouse click in the GFUI. Chrome is recommended for both Window and MacOs.

Funny, for me it’s space bar.
(Also windows/chrome)

@aalldredge89 here’sa link to the official keyboard shortcuts


Windows/chrome here, and the space bar/mouse click does it for me

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Yep thanks guys the space bar did it!! There will be a lot less cursing at the UI for me, i got so used to pressing shift to move around in inkscape whenever I got into the app I was lost I appreciate the help.


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