Glowforge arm bumping repeatedly and not centering

I just turned my Glowforge on and the arm continually bumps agains the back as it’s trying to center and set up for the print. I’ve turned it off and move the arm and laser, it moves freely. Any suggestions?

Turn it off, then move the head so that the glowforge symbol is directly under the camera, then turn it on with it in that position. Hopefully that will fix it for you


I did this, and it seemed to “reset” where the laser and arm needed to be, then then when I tried to do an engrave, it gave me an error and said to turn it off and back on again. After I did that, it returned to bumping in the back like it’s trying to go too far back and to the left.

Is your :glowforge: logo on the top of the head clean? It visually recognizes it with the camera to verify where center is.


Mine freaked out similarly once. I had some visually funky materials on the bed, and the camera just couldn’t figure it out.

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Remove everything from the bed before turning the Glowforge on and make sure the top of the printhead is clean.


It uses the camera in the center of the lid for alignment. Make sure the lens is clean.

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