Glowforge Arm Won't Move

I recently cleaned my Glowforge, went to turn it on and now the laser wont move. I’m getting an error saying it can’t take a picture. I have checked my wifi connection, reviewed every forum out there, looked at all the cables and still nothing. Knowing Glowforge support is only Monday - Friday I am hoping someone else can help me out as I have orders to get done this weekend.

That suggests the black lid ribbon cable has an issue. I’ve had to replace mine as have others. I would check the connections on the left side and the back. If the lid lights are on on both sides, pretty sure it’s the cable.
The good news is they are available - the bad news is your weekend orders aren’t going out.


Famous last words. Did you use any spray cleaner? Did you run a wet (anything)over the cable leading to the center of the lid? Did you rub that cable at all? There is a lot of Electronic Magic in a Glowforge and anything wet can let all the magic smoke out and the machine will need to be replaced.


I cleaned it the same way I have the last 30x and never had an issue before :frowning:

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When I click on the link it says sold out :frowning:

Dang. Did you click the link to email you when they are in? Sorry for the bad news, but welcome to the community anyway.


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