Glowforge Arrived Wet in Plastic Bag - Coolant Leak

I picked up my 2nd Glowforge today at the UPS station… brought it home only to open it and find coolant all over the inside of the plastic bag that covers the Glowforge unit. No visible sign of damage, but it’s definitely coolant everywhere. There were 2 handles missing when we picked it up. Put the lid back on and contacted support… oh well. Hopefully they get back to me soon.

Nothing but sadness over here. At least I have my first unit to work with, but I could REALLY use that 2nd unit soon.


Bummer! :confused:

Awwww, man. I’d like to know what UPS is doing to them that causes this much damage.

Years ago, when I was a manager, I had a few employees that got a second job at the big UPS hub in Hodgkins, IL as package handlers (yes, my Glowforge went there first before I picked it up at the Palatine, IL hub). They would tell me horror stories of how all of the package handlers would just kick around or throw boxes on and off trucks like footballs. I know the Glowforge box is too big to throw or kick, but I bet they slid it on its side and flipped it end over end many times. When I went to go pick it up, they slid it across the warehouse floor on its side. The worker was about to flip it again when I yelled over to him to please handle that package carefully. I about had a coronary right then and there! LOL

I’m so sorry to hear your Glowforge was damaged in shipping. I’ll send an email shortly to arrange a replacement.