Glowforge arrived with no Power Cord

Hi, My Glowforge arrived yesterday, with no power cord. I have emailed the company and not gotten a response yet. Today the accessory pack came, but still no power cord… and haven’t received the starter pack either… but mostly concerned about power cord… I can’t do anything without that!!! Could someone help me out… is there a phone number I can call???

Recheck your packaging, it could be hidden. It’s a regular computer power cord, by the way.

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I believe (I’m not in front of my GF right now) that the standard plug is the same as on a computer or monitor. Do you have an extra one of those lying around? Something with a thicker gauge is best, but standard would work. I know many stores sell these and aren’t expensive.

GF will make it right, but if you want to get going now, I’d run to Home Depot or Staples to get something like that.

I thought mine was missing too, but check inside the unit itself, too. Hope you find it, if not get a replacement quickly!

Martha, I have double and triple checked everything… it’s not there. And Mr. Rinken that is a good idea but I live at least 45 minutes from anywhere like that, and I work from home so, I unfortunately, can’t leave for an hour and a half to go get one. :frowning:

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Check for a spare on your computer, TV, printer, kettle, upstairs TV, portable lighting, extension cable, music keyboards, microwave, coffee maker, washing machine, stereo, battery charger, lamps, arduino charger, fan heater, portable a/c, hair dryer, garbage disposal unit.

I’m sure you’ve got one somewhere. Meantime amazon could ship you one by tomorrow.


That was going to be my reply. These are so common on so many things now a days.

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^^^^^ What they said. I must have a dozen in use and not,

You can get one quickly from Amazon, then maybe return it when Glowforge ships yours.

There’s no phone number, but there should be a live chat option. And you’ve created a ticket by posting here.

I’m sorry your shipment wasn’t complete! I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.