Glowforge arriving today -- what do I look for?

I’ve searched the forums, so apologies if I missed something…

My GF is scheduled to arrive today, and I’m wondering if there’s anything in particular I’m supposed to look for in terms of packaging damage, etc. I seem to recall mention of a shock sensor or something, but for those who have received, any advice on checking out the delivery before signing?


i think the shock sensor was only present on pre-release deliveries. and good luck; you might not even get the chance to sign, as it seems few have required it.


I’d say if you’re unsure, take plenty of pics as you open everything up and post them on the board of you’re concerned about anything. GF And the community might spot something obvious. Enjoy, man. I hope it’s perfect!


Send comments and pictures about problems to . The problems category is monitored by staff but not the primary avenue for issues. Helpful members also comment.


Look for cracks in the tube and leaking coolant.

When you make the founder’s ruler examine the tick marks very carefully to see if they have waves in them.


There are no more shock sensors. For the outer box, I’d look for any damage and document it. Also, if there appears to be any liquid leaking from the box.

For the actual unit, I’d look for the following:

  • All the packaging is in place.
  • Any damage to the tube. It should be visible before removing it from the box.
  • All the restraint hardware is in place. (If it isn’t, it will be pretty obvious).
  • Make sure there is no coolant leak.

Other than that, just plug it in and get ready for the fun. If there are any other problems, the Glowforge will let you know.


Now every Glowforge comes with a single, large, glass, liquid-filled shock sensor :slight_smile:


Echoing the advice of others, pictures of any box damage before you open it. If there are any operating problems send the pics to support with a report of the problem.
From historical examples, the company has been excellent in responding to problems, so you needn’t worry about anything except the emotional let down of not being able to start the adventure for a few more days.
Glowforge won’t let you be stuck with anything.