Glowforge Aura Lid Open Issue

Hi! I just bought a Glowforge Aura last week and I decided to set it up this past Saturday morning. I followed the unboxing and set up website and instructions and I got to the part where I needed to do the first cut and it’s giving me a “Lid Open” status.

I’ve tried following the online support to turn on and off the machine, no resolution. I tried opening the lid and closing it and pressing firmly to make sure it’s closed, still getting the Lid Open status. I tried making sure the side doors are closed, same thing.

So far it’s been several days and I can’t seem to get a reply for the support email I sent on Saturday. Was wondering if someone can help me please.


If you did not receive an automated response within minutes of sending your email, then they didn’t get it.
I’d try using the online form, or the Discord channel instead. Let them know (in addition to your Aura issue) that you didn’t receive the automated response. Also check your spam, and spam filter to make sure is explicitly allowed.


I posted your question to the help channel on Discord for Glowforge and this was their response:

“If anyone with an Aura is reporting a Lid Open error, and they aren’t seeing anything obstructing the lid, they should reach out to support.

We will ask for a few photos so that we can take a closer look at their Aura before supplying the best next steps.”

I would also suggest supplying your serial number so they can check the logs.


Hi @poparts2992 ! So sorry that you are having this issue. Did our Support Team get back to you and help you with the Lid Open issue?

Thank you for your patience!

Hi @poparts2992 ! I just spoke to our CS team and it looks like they have been in touch and are taking care of the issue with your Aura with a replacement. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thank you!

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Thank you so much! They sent me out a new one and it seems to have set up okay. It’s late and I’m venting through my window so I’ll probably wait til daylight to do a test cut.

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Thank you! They got back to me and sent me a new machine.

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