Glowforge Aura repeating pattern

Is it impossible to repeat a pattern engraving? I engraved some letters. It wasn’t strong enough. I am trying to just go back over it and it will not start in the same spot and nothing has moved or changed.

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Did you use set focus before you placed the design? If nothing has moved, and set focus is used it should repeat the same file exactly.


I did that a few times. Restarted everything multiple times. It will line up perfectly while overlaying it over the previous work and it starts in a totally different spot. When I cancel it and the laser rescans the design is in a different spot than where I put it.

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That is why PTL said to use set focus before you line up the design. To get a fisheye lens to appear square takes some fancy math and even a hairs breath difference in height will make a huge difference in where the design appears to land. What is constant is the numbers that the widget at the lower left shows but only for that location on the tray. If you make that location repeatable and the number the same it will do the same place.


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