Glowforge Basic 2 Years Old - Turned Off and Won't Turn Back On

Hi Glowforgers, my beloved Basic (MacArthur) Turned off while on yesterday and now won’t turn back on.

Here’s what I have done:

  1. Unplugged and plugged something else into the power strip (powerstrip is green showing power and the socket being used works to power other items)
  2. Plugged Glowforge Basic henceforth named (MacArthur) directly into wall that has power - would not turn on
  3. Traded out the power cord with the powercord from my Glowforge Plus (MacArthur) still wouldn’t turn on.

Nothing appears to be cracked or broken all belts appear intact. No sounds made it just went to sleep like it is in a coma,

Thank you
John (Please help)
Fourtantely for our biz I bought a Plus back up 1 month ago used that is doing great, :slight_smile:

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Very smart, I’d say your business has an excellent chance of long term success. :sunglasses: :+1:

Sounds like you tested everything that could be tested ahead of time, so now it’s just a matter of time till Support sees your post and pops in to help…have a great holiday season!


why do they both have the same name?


I was wondering the same thing. call the second one IKE

the Plus is RC Sproul :slight_smile: the Basic (not turning on) is MacArthur

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@jrisner27 I am so sorry your Glowforge printer is not turning on. It looks like you sent us an email regarding this issue. I’m going to go ahead and close this forum post and follow up with you there.