Glowforge Basic + filter for Sale $1000 (Southwest: TX to CA) - CLOSED :)

hi, I was the original backer of Glowforge Basic with air filter.
Due to I am moving out of the country, I can no longer house the machine.
Therefore, I am wondering if anyone may be interested.

I am currently in TX, and will move to CA on early April shortly prior to me leaving the country.
Hence, I may try to delivery anywhere in between, if necessary.
Otherwise, I will try to ship to the buyer with shipping added.
I do not have the original box anymore, and I received the machine on Jul 2017.
Hence, it has been used for a little while, and it is a bit dirty.
However, the air filter is in very good shape.

Hsin Yi Chiu

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Sorry you can’t take it with you - but congrats on your move!

You should take your email address off your post - the forum is public and it will get scraped by scammers. Anyone who wants to write to you can use the messaging function of the forum - and the forum sends you an email (if you’ve turned that off, it’s in your settings).

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Thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

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@Deleted Another project? Weekend drive? :rofl:

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@hsinyichiu, I sent you a PM,

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