Glowforge basic for sale. - Adams County, Ohio

Selling my glowforge basic. Used maybe 1hr.
$3000. Does come with materials such as acrylic, leather, watch bands and airpod cases.
Located in Adams County, Ohio. Willing to drive if it’s a reasonable distance.

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According to your profile, you joined the forum last May. Is that when the Glowforge was purchased/delivered? If so, there is no warranty and it seems a bit optimistic to sell it for over the new original price. Are you willing to ship or is this a local sale only?

Yes was purchased last May. I’m selling for $3k obo with materials (that did not come with the machine). After taxes and shipping it was $3,479.20. The glowforge has only been used maybe an hour total. It has pretty much been useless to me since I’ve bought it. It has been in storage for a good 6-7 months due to me moving and not having a place for it. Hopefully someone can use and appreciate it at a discounted price compared to what they normally sell for. I’m willing to drive an hour and a half to meet someone.

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