Glowforge basic please help

my glowforge only goes side to side and doesnt cut anything

Have you gone through the steps here?

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Then you’re going to want to print the Gift of Good Measure (it’s in your dashboard) on one of the pieces of Proofgrade wood (the draftboard if you don’t care) and respond here with the time you attempted it and photos of the front at the back of the wood. A staff member will be along shortly (within 24 hours on a weekday - as it’s now late on Friday it may not be until Monday) to review your logs on the back end and offer advice.

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In the mean time, double check your power settings to make sure they haven’t reset on some low power setting like “1”


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Take a breath, because this is going to get sorted out and you will be successfully cutting soon. Are you trying to print the Gift of Good Measure? Can you share a screenshot of the interface with your design on the bed and your settings showing?

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