Glowforge Blog?

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m late to the party.
Where the heck did this glowforge blog come from? (I did do a forum search, and yes, there was a mention, but really not that much and comments soon closed)
And, now that I know the address, I can go there, but looking at the options at the top of the glowforge pages, how would a person know there was a blog? Is it a secret, by invitation only, or am I just missing an entry portal?
On the other hand, there’s not much there, so guess I’m not missing much.


I think they’re linked to the Marketing emails - and probably posts - but yeah, it’s certainly not called out! It’s linked under “Company” on the bottom menu of the main page


Ha! you’re right. I guess I should occasionally read the whole page, even the fine print at the bottom!

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