Glowforge buggy software when placing multiple images

Hi I’m running into issues when I load multiple images. In the image listed I have an image that went rouge. The table shows that I have the design layed out the way that I want and that I go to print but it leaves images printing where they should not be. Either the software is so buggy that I can’t see I have other copies of the image to print, or that the color purple that is used to show the image is not bright enough.

Either way it’s ruining some prints.

Is this a software issue that’s being addressed or is there another way I can proof my art before I list print.

This pic is an example of one of the images that went rogue in two different spots.

A time and date, with your local time zone indicated, will allow support to find the print and look into it further.

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When you say “not where you want it” do you mean on your material - or the relationship between the purple parts and the other purple parts or orange parts?
An image of the completed cut might help clarify.

If it’s the former, there is a known up to 1/4" variation between the digital image and actual placement. There’s good advice for getting to know the variation on your personal machine and how to verify locations

If it’s the latter, something is processing differently between engraves and cuts, or between engraves would lead me to check for debris on the tracks that could slow down a portion of the head

Let us know and hopefully we can help!

It was this am about 1:15 am is I believe.

Not where I want it as in the image that is half printed and would have wound up printing over the other patterns had I not caught it. Another is also under the 2nd image on the left side end.

The image on the bottom that is half printed I had loaded and copied, ctrl c and ctrl v pasted and placed it elsewhere. The final look that I had is different after I pressed print. The design screen never showed that there were these 2 other images that are misplaced.

So the giant mandala and the one under the wristband on the left weren’t on your set-up screen, only the 3 bracelets? Yeah, that’s definitely a staff question. They’ll get here soon!

Thanks for letting us know about this, and for providing the screenshot. That’s very helpful.

I’ve let the team know about this, and we’re investigating now. I’ll update this thread once I have more information.

We haven’t been able to reproduce this issue yet, but we will continue investigating on our end.

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!