Glowforge button Orange

my units go button became orange and said it’s in “alert cooling” mode… would it be a wise idea to turn off the unit?


Mmmm… Forging too hard


What was the ambient temperature and for how long had the Glowforge been lasing before the orange ring appeared? Wondering if this is an environmental issue or if it’s caused by extended periods of lasing.

I remember asking if it periodically re-checks temp and the answer was no. That answer could have been at that time and since changed. But I’m just sayin’…

Since the known update that fixed most of the temp issues, I haven’t experienced an amber light once. So I don’t know if it changed or not. But at the time the only way to re-check temp was to bounce it. I do agree that they very likely have changed that behavior, I just don’t know that for sure.

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I did not see a temperature reading. I had been forging for three active hours and made a slight correction to the design and went to fire it again but hit the orange button roadblock. Were back up and running today tho.

Im sure it was caused from the design I ran…it was a half hour cut/engrave combination.

I’m glad you’re up and running. If this happens again, it doesn’t hurt to restart and you typically won’t need to.

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