Glowforge cart option at Costco

My Costco now carries this nice wheeled cart which seems to be big enough to hold a Glowforge and then some. I don’t have the SKU but it’s made by Whalen and was $300. (The GF dimensions are: 38″ x 20.75″ x 8.25″)


What is the 114"?

the height of the shelf below is 14"

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Exactly, sorry it is hard to read. I was doodling on my phone screen.

I actually bought that exact unit at Costco for my Wife’s GlowForge.

It looks great in our space and should fit the unit well enough.

Edit: They are a limited run, the guy at the checkout at my Costco said they had something like it last year and they were just went Poof.

Good luck!


bought one of those myself, have help it takes two to put it together, it is a heavy beast.

and it is collecting laser stuff already.


I see you got a few of those LED flashing acrylic signs as well! I had to order some more.

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They had it late last year a hundred off…was soon tempting but I had no place to store it. If all goes well concrete pour for the workshop next week :slight_smile:


It looks like you may need to buy a second one for your :glowforge:. That’s the problem with flat horizontal surfaces always attracting stuff.

It is a nice looking bench.

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I like the combination of drawer and lower shelf storage on this one. Might have to go check them out this weekend.

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We currently have this unit as well. When we move this will become our TV stand and we’ll figure out something else for the GF.

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Luckily for me, my father-in-law went to buy it while I was at work. They only had the floor model left, so it came pre-assembled and for cheaper (a couple of little scratches will do that!)


I could live with a scratch for them to assemble it, and even better someone else pick it up. Happy new table day to you.

Just seen today : these guys are on sale for $149 now

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For the 72" one or the 48"?

I think the 48" with the single center drawer

My GF is currently residing on the big one, but I have been keeping an eye out for the cabinet and smaller one to go on sale… might be my lucky day!

Oh the cabinet was also on sale, too, down to $249.
It doesn’t seem as sturdy as the carts tho.

Wanted to say thanks for the tip - picked up both the smaller workbench and the cabinet this morning. My “shop” is what would be considered the dining room in my house (happily single!), and these pieces are going to make it look great once I get everything arranged as needed…


Swanky! (My studio is also the dining room, mines more of a hodgepodge)

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