Glowforge Classes/lectures

I am new to this thread, and I can not wait for my Glowforge. I am an artist that likes to create things with my hands; I have spent half my life cutting through wood, paper, etc… and figuring things out. I feel like Glowforge will definitely allow me to experiment more with different materials. As more and more first time users start receiving their new Glowflorge, has anyone considered making 2-3 day little tutorial sessions for us first-timers? With the investment I have on the Glowforge, I wouldn’t mind a little assurance before I put my machine to use… Is there anything planned I should be aware of?
Mucho Aloha.


It would be great if there were some official tutorials showing all the ins-and-outs of the Glowforge software specifically.

In general, I think that as soon as the Glowforges have started shipping and have been out in the wild for a couple of months you will be able to find lots of tutorials on youtube. In the mean time, you should probably start thinking about what software you want to use (if you don’t already know), and look at what other people are doing with laser cutters in general.


How to tutorials are on my list of things to offer. Along with multi-model projects (models that work together).
I feel it’s a great way to bring the community together.


We haven’t figured out our plans here yet, but:

  • We’ll have some form of “getting started” that will take you through the basics (print/audio/video TBD)
  • At least two large purveyors of high quality instructional videos have approached us about making a full premium course
  • The community here will probably be the go-to for amazing tricks and tips that nobody knew existed : )

I hope one of them is!


No, but there could be a third. : )

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It would be great to see them offer a course.


awesome! I look forward to them!