Glowforge completely stopped mid print

Ran a print this morning. Everything worked fine. Went to run another one this afternoon. Print started fine (no engraving, just a simple cut pattern). Went downstairs and came back up about 15 minutes later to see the print head had stopped moving altogether, and the laser was shut off. The timer was still counting down on the screen, but no movement or noise whatsoever from the machine.

I cycled the power, cleaned every lense, cleaned the lid camera, cleaned the crumb tray, checked all cables (it’s a month old, there should be no damage at all) and they all look good as new. Blew out both fans. Cycled internet browsers, checked connection and it’s fine.

Picture displaying on app is the same image that was displayed after I cancelled the last print, despite cycling both the glowforge and browser. Getting nothing but a repeated cycle of “homing, centering, scanning”, but the actual machine itself is doing nothing. No noise, no movement at all.

Yes, I tried centering the logo (yes, it was clean) under the lid camera as well, to no avail.

About ready to send this POS back if this isn’t fixed immediately. I run a business that puts food in my children’s mouths and don’t have time to deal with ridiculous problems like this on a $4,000 dollar machine that is only a month old.

ACK! You should never never run a laser without watching - if you cannot be there at least get a camera on it - and keep that viewer in your hand! Likely you would have a better idea of what happened.

Support generally takes less than 24 hours to respond, but you’re posting this at the end of a work day on a Friday so you may have to wait until Monday.


So for a 3 hour print I should sit next to the machine and stare at it? Ridiculous.

Once again,no warnings whatsoever on the screen. Timer still ticking down. I can’t read binary code telepathically, so staring at the machine wouldn’t have helped whatsoever.

I’m sorry for the frustrating experience with your new Glowforge. Unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one.

I’ve sent you a reply via email with details on the next steps for the replacement. I’m so sorry about the bad news.