Glowforge Custom Stand

I’m new to Glowforge but quite happy with the stand I made. :slight_smile: Is there anything else you’d suggest to improve my workflow/organization? Thank you all, have a great day!


A really nice shelving unit to hold your material and scrapes…


this. that whole right side could be stacks of material on shelves.

maybe a metal rail to stick magnets to.


Indeed! Those two things would make it ideal!


Thank you very much! I love the ideas.

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I would move the paper printer - the small debris from holes and cuts falling into the paper printer will wreak havoc with its internals.

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Very nice job. I’m a huge fan of custom made stands and tables. Looks great!


@ben1 had great point about not putting the printer underneath!
Better use of the space is for shelves–or dividers like for cookie sheets–for all of your materials. And even “new” sheets and area for “used”–I try to use up every bit I can. And as you go, your materials will grow… Also space to store magnets & pins (at least a tray, where the glasses case is).

Ha! and all I did was use two saw horse’s and a piece of wood…lol…man, do I feel lazy now…lol

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Looks solid. I’d add shelves to the bottom to hold stock. Nicely done.

I’m new to this forum and already feel right at home…thank you all for support and feedback.


A bit more room on the right side is where the air intake is, and somewhat confused as to where your exhaust is headed?

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